About us

TAO 919 is a family business between me and my two teenage daughters (Abigail and Olivia). 

We are all about:

  • creating new art and fashion - Abby and Olivia love anime and pop culture in addition to classical trends and art.
  • acquiring art and fashion from some fabulous designers like Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Burberry and Valenino (ok .. that's my picks).  Abby and Olivia are all about Pinko, Nike, Calvin Klein, Love Moschino, Guess, Puma and many more (it's always changing).
  • showcasing fabulous artists and their creations that we encounter during our travels.

The point is to be with family, be happy and expressive and share some ridiculously fun creations and finds along the way.

I hope you enjoy our store.